Quick Pipe Leaking Fix

Posted on: August 9th, 2016 by rwilliamsdel

If you have a leaky pipe, you should call Ben Franklin Plumbing PA before a small leak becomes a pool of water in your home.

However, while you’re waiting for your emergency plumber to arrive, there are some things you can do to temporarily repair the leak.

Keep pipe clamps with you
There are many tools you should have around your home that may not have even occurred to you, such as pipe clamps.

These clamps are used by many professionals and are far more durable than many other quick leak fixes.

However, they won’t solve the problem forever – you’ll still need a plumber in order to have a permanent solution to a leak.

Special tape may help
Along with pipe clamps, there’s also special tape that you can find at some hardware stores that will seal small holes made in pipes.

While this tape may be strong, it will not last you longer than a few days.

Try hose clamps instead
If you don’t have any actual pipe clamps in your home, you may have some hose clamps in your garage that you forgot about.

You can use these to temporarily fix leaks in your pipes, but they will be far less effective than the traditional pipe clamps.

Look for rubber material
If you find that you’re really in a tight spot and you don’t have any professional – or even semi-professional – plumbing equipment around and yet you have leak to deal with, you may be able to fix it for the time being with some rubber.

You can wrap rubber tubing tightly around the pipe while you’re waiting for a plumber to arrive. Just note that this quick fix only lasts for a short period of time, so you may want to keep a close eye on the pipe until a plumber arrives to make sure that the leak doesn’t spring up again after only a few minutes.

Not sure if you have rubber tubing? One good place to find this kind of material is to take out the old inner tube from a bicycle tire that you may not use any more.

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